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TG Solutions Digital is a company that aims to provide complete solutions for software and hardware services to any who wish to have a strong digital presence. We strive to not only create the best solution for you, using all modern technologies and all the latest developments available, but also maintain and update them in this ever-changing and evolving digital world. As well as providing high quality and reliable programming services we can also provide maintenance and upgrades to any existing solutions you may have already.

With more than 10 years of experience in the fields of programming, software development and hardware installation, we here at   TG Solutions Digital, are confident we can find the best digital solutions for your specific needs. Trust in our innovative software systems, fresh ideas and, updated applications for an excellent and highly effective digital presence.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us via the form below.


Our Team is currently comprised of our two co-founders, but there is always room to grow! 


Konstantinos Tsoris

Solutions Architect

Led the technology initiatives, focusing on upskilling the wider Forensic segment, introducing the team to the cloud era by leveraging Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s web services for automation and scalability.

Worked as the connecting link across the Unstructured Data, Forensic Technology, Advanced Analytics, Lighthouse and Cloud Dev Ops teams, expanded the quality and scale of delivery and as a result, the range of projects undertaken by the department.

Designed and deployed a surveillance solution comprising of automatic data extraction across various endpoints, speech-to-text transcription and lexicon searching across all audio and electronic communications.

Oversighted the development of multiple data pipelines across the department, including translation, data remediation, permission application, text highlighting, bringing developers from various departments together, under the “One Firm” initiative.

- Earned 3x leadership awards (2x “Leading by Example”, 1x “Working together”).

Young businessman

Vangelis Georgantzoglou

Software Engeneer

Skilled full-stack developer, with an aptitude in SQL and Python with experience in web development and database administration and analysis. Has great experience crunching and providing data purely thought programming as well as utilising data management tools such as Tableau and Looker.

Enthusiastic, well-organized, and hard-working professional. Good-natured and friendly personality, popular and cooperative with his colleagues. Evan has also completed his Military Service serving as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Hellenic Army.

Previously employed as a Junior Database Administrator and part of general IT support in the IT Department of Expert Insurance Brokers, the cover holder of AmTrust Europe in Greece.

The combined experience of Military Service and working in a busy office environment has strengthened abilities to prioritize, multitask and think logically under pressure while still maintaining attention to detail. Working in such extensive and demanding environments has tuned communication and time management skills, the ability to work well with a team, and use ingenuity to overcome difficulties and reach tight deadlines.

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